Fundraising at big events

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It’s a constant challenge, trying to keep your charity in the spotlight. The world and news move so quickly these days with social media and mobile communications, and time is a precious commodity for people.

In today’s busy, busy lives it’s about capturing the spirit of your supporters at the right time, in the right place and when they are in the right frame of mind.

A smart idea is to piggy back on the success and following for key events and occasions.

Throughout the year you can pick out local, national or international events which can showcase your charity – where you will find visitors who are understanding and willing to support your cause.

A stand at county shows, village and school fetes and open days, music and family festivals, can be a great way to build more followers. Showing your support for our Olympians and Paralympians in Rio this year can be hugely beneficial for you too. Look at the activities of local sports and social clubs and see how you can jump on board.

Top selling items for you to brand include wristbands, charity ribbons, badges, trolley coins, furry bugs, fridge magnets, pencil toppers, and bookmarks. (INSERT IMAGES fundraising items)

They are a great talking point so you can engage visitors and they can understand more about your charity. Monies raised from the sale of the items are vital but so too is the raising of awareness and interaction with followers.

Branded merchandise lives on beyond the event, people will wear your wristbands, badges and stickers and ribbons for days, weeks or months afterwards – your message will be travelling far and wide to an ever greater audience – Brilliant! You get all this for just a small investment in personalised fundraising items.

Maximise the appeal

The bottom line is that you need to raise funds to further your cause.
But your appeal goes far beyond that.

Appeal to more supporters – have an eye catching stall or stand at events to sell your branded merchandise

Encourage volunteers to upsell the promotional merchandise – wear it, sell it

Our expert in-house designers can help you create the best promo products to ensure they have maximum visual impact to attract attention.

We have products to suit all budgets and audiences – contact us today and start the ball rolling on your next great fundraising campaign.

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