Summertime – a prime time for printed wristbands

The great outdoors beckon over the summer season, and it’s a time for an increase in outside events. Usually, meaning bigger parties and celebrations with more guests and visitors. This, in turn, is great news for you as it means a greater audience and more exposure for your brand, message or cause. Think summer, think colourful printed wristbands!

Here’s why personalised silicon wristbands are a fantastic addition to your summer 2017 hamper of promotional goodies.

They are durable
They are weatherproof (just in case the British weather lets us down)
They a bright and colourful
They offer plenty of space on the band for your brand, logo, message, call to action
They appeal to all – men, women, boys and girls, teenagers and young adults
There are no sizing issues
They are comfortable for the wearer
They are viewed as a fashionable accessory
They are keepsakes for visitors and supporters
They are easily customised to reflect your corporate image and message
Latest printing techniques can be used – laser cutting, debossed or embossed printing
Bespoke designs can be modelled into figured silicone bands
They are available in all colours of the rainbow
Prices start from just 13p

And, quite simply, they are fun!
Printed wristbands (available in 1/2in, 1in widths or figured) are lightweight and low-cost, so the ROI is impressive.

Thousands of promotional wristbands fit in a small box, so there is no storage issue
They are not fragile or breakable. One size fits all – so no need to double-guess the numbers your need in different sizes.

Despite being a simple, coloured silicon plastic band – they actually can be a powerful branding tool and multifunctional…

Sold with tickets before the events. They help organisers to identify who has pre-paid for entry.

During events. Stewards and organisers can easily see who has access to different areas, features and attractions at events through the use of colour-coded wristbands. Volunteers and staff can have one colour and type, visitors and VIPs can receive other distinctive styled and coloured bands.

After events. Sold as event merchandise on the day, at the fete, festival or fair, or through your online shop.
Guests like event keepsakes and thank yous – Been there, Look! I have the wristbands to prove it.

And remember, when the weather is good, your printed wristbands get maximum exposure as they aren’t covered up with sleeves, coats and gloves!

Make the most of the feel-good factor, celebrate and enjoy a bumper branding summer!
The power of the printed wristbands – answers on a postcard, please!

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