How to Fundraise with custom wristbands

fundraise with custom wristbands 

Raising funds for any good cause is a difficult task, with so many demands on people’s throwaway cash these days, and with food and energy bills rising, sometimes every spare penny is needed.

Giveaway money is over

People generally are less inclined to put coins into tins shaken at the shopping centre and fewer charities now bother using this method to fundraise. Organising people to stand there all day to end up with £6.50 and a bunch of foreign coins, is actually costing charities more to organise than it raises.

Giving Something Back

The new way of fundraising involves giving something in return for the donation, which is really a softer method of ‘selling’ something. The biggest difference is that the amount of the ‘donation’ needs to be fixed, so that the charity doesn’t lose money by giving away a bag of sweets in exchange for less money donated than it cost to buy them in.

This is why the donation asked for is always £1. You are welcome to put in more, but this is decreed to be the minimum requirement to be given whatever has been chosen as the giveaway. Buying them, branding them, and posting or delivering them to their eventual point of sale, all needs to be costed into the price, to make sure that selling the box of 50 items, will actually deliver a return on investment for the charity.


Giveaways appropriate for all ages

Choosing the right product to then ‘sell’ is the difficult part. It needs to be able to appeal to a wide variety of age groups and also to have a certain usefulness. Being light weight enough to post out to venues is also a big consideration and it needs to be low cost enough to turn a profit on the £1 donation asked for.

Sweets were all the rage a few years ago, but these quickly go sticky and out of date, especially in summer, and the mixed variety boxes often ended up with 10 packs that nobody wanted. Also, when the sweets were eaten, the packet was thrown away leaving no further opportunity to communicate with the person who was happy to donate. No chance of a repeat donation unless they visited the same venue, and no way to communicate with them in the future.

Custom Wristbands Tick All the Boxes

Using branded promotional wristbands as a fundraising product really does tick all the boxes and solve all the problems for charities.
• They are light to carry and post
• Easy to Store
• They don’t go out of date or change in hot weather
• You can use them indoors or outdoors, with no detriment
• They appeal to lots of age groups
• They are low cost enough to provide a good profit on a £1 donation

Added Value

They also carry a branded promotional message from the charity, giving people an opportunity to communicate further by an email address, phone number or website address. The cleverest promotional messages on charity custom wristbands advise the purchaser of another method of helping the charity, perhaps asking for fun runners, or sky jumpers, or asking for volunteers at a local hospice, drop-in centre or community centre.

So go on, head to our website to have a look at some of our brilliant wristbands and see how they can help your fundraising.

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