Let’s hear it for the wristbands

Band promoters can enjoy the sounds of tills ringing as music lovers flock to buy their favourite group or singer’s merchandise.

Regardless of genre, chart topping potential, household names, aspiring stars, reality TV show contestants or local wannabes – all fans can show their support by wearing their branded wristbands.

It’s music to the ears of band merchandisers! Promoters buy the printed wristbands for pennies and sell them for pounds at concerts, gigs and festivals or though their online shop. Fans buy them to remember the show long after then actual event – they want to show just who it is they support, that’s true dedication to their favourite act. Band’s wristbands are like an identity bracelet for their followers. They want to be seen wearing the particular band’s merchandise – and a wristband is a very wearable piece of memorabilia.

For promoters, there is the added benefit of the printed wristbands doubling up as security bracelets at the event – ensuring only valid ticket holders have access to the entertainment.

Tag a friend who likes the same music as you and it’s easy to buy a couple of wristbands at a gig – they cost about the same as a drink or burger yet give fans the opportunity to recollect “That great night when we saw xxx at xxx” time and again. It’s more visible than the ticket stub pinned up on the fridge door or tucked away in a drawer. The brand – the band therefore – enjoys greater exposure. That’s all a marketeer can ask for from their merchandise!

Promotional Wristbands hit all the right notes in the music world because:

They are cool, trendy, iconic status symbols for fans

They are flexible and durable, comfortable to wear

Low cost investment for merchandisers

Affordable branded band merchandise for fans

Non bulky, timeless merchandise

Visual aid for security staff to identify genuine ticket holders

Simply state artist, venue and date – a winner with all followers

Create a mix of printed wristbands – add lyrics, album titles, slogans, festival dates

Pile ‘em up, stack ‘em high – wear them all with pride

Chart topping branded band memorabilia for all followers

Fashionable, collectors’ items

Long after the final Encore, these long lasting bands of silicone will keep the name of your favourite band resonating with fans

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