Festivals and promotional wristbands go hand in hand

The festival calendar is chock a block at this time of year, and so it’s branded wristbands heaven as far as promotional marketing experts are concerned.
Making the most of these bumper occasions which can attract international attention is a great way to maximise exposure for your brand with a very healthy dose of the feel-good factor thrown in for good measure.
Festival goers will be wearing your printed wristbands with pride

Event organisers, sponsors and supporters are safe in the knowledge that the durable silicone wristbands are tough enough to survive throughout the extravaganza and beyond.

Think style – wristbands are fashionable

Think security – wristbands (colour coded for different access levels/duration) help identify visitors, supporters and aid admission staff

Think unmissable branding opportunities – wristbands offer a good printable surface for your personal message.

Millions of adults and children will attend festivals this year, covering every conceivable genre of music, entertainment, food and drink, some are family-orientated while others attract visitors from all over the world. Your brand has the potential to be seen by a global audience; your printed wristbands will travel far and wide – well beyond the fences of the venue. And viewing numbers are further bolstered with selfies and social media posts showing your branded merchandise on festival goers’ wrists.

People want to be seen at your event. They want other people to know afterwards that they have attended and supported the festival whether it’s for personal kudos, enjoyment and entertainment or fundraising efforts.

Tickets for festivals can be on the pricey side of things – for visitors; it’s great to buy an affordable and durable keepsake. Wristbands, therefore, are a perfect solution for a good-value, long-lasting festival memento.

Festivals are fun, they are hard work – for organisers, staff and visitors – they are fashionable – and the merchandising needs to reflect the event. At the end of the day, the fun outweighs the exhaustion, and the memories live on through your colourful branded wristbands.

Types of silicone wristbands for your festival branding:

Events running into the night will benefit from using Glow in the Dark Silicone wristbands

For a unique look to all your promotional wristbands, consider Camouflage plastic wristbands – every band will be individual due to the mixing method of the silicone during production

Figured silicone wristbands are another twist on traditional printed bracelets and allow you to personalise your bands still further with your bespoke design

Not forgetting the ever-popular debossed, embossed or colour-filled silicone wristbands – they’ve been a hit before, and they will be a hit again and again with festival followers.

Make the most of these popular and spectacular live events – and make sure your brand lives on with hundreds and thousands of people wearing your personal festival wristbands.

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