Emergency Health SOS Wristbands


The Many Uses of Emergency Health SOS Wristbands

Promotional printed or embossed wristbands are mainly used as a throwaway Festival ticket, allowing thousands of people to stream in as fast as possible with as few staff as they can get away with. But there is another purpose for branded wristbands that is certainly not throwaway, and can seriously save someone’s life in an emergency situation.

Here are just some of the many Heath and Medical SOS situations that a printed wristband is being used for:


For some medical issues, it is really useful to wear a plastic wristband with some specific heath information on, in case of emergencies. For example, to alert that someone has Diabetes, in case of a sudden coma, which can happen without them having time to tell anyone what to do.

The Wristband can have useful information about what to do for the person, and who to call, with the telephone number or helpline number of where they need to be taken.


ASD or Learning Difficulties

Young people with Learning Difficulties or an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) externally look the same as everyone else, but they can have a very different understanding and comprehension of the world that causes them to behave unexpectedly or differently in some situations.

A printed coloured wristband can immediately reveal to the Police, or any other authority figure, that this person needs to be treated differently and may not be understanding everything that is going on. An emergency phone number of someone who can be contacted, should they get into difficulties, should be printed on the wristband.

Blood group

People with a very rare blood group, or a blood disorder can also find a promotional wristband to be really useful. During World War II, Soldiers often had their blood group tattooed onto their arm, to enable fast medical help to be given in the case of injury. If they were unconscious, the right lifesaving medication can be given.



There seems to be a growing number of Allergies and intolerances that people have to deal with on a day to day basis. Sometimes an allergy to something like milk, can may not be noticed in a product that you may not expect to contain it. With young children who are away from home and the watchful eye of a knowing parent, a printed wristband can certainly be a life saver.

There are unseen ingredients such as Nuts, Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Garlic, and even additives and colouring ingredients that need to be avoided.  and they can have an instruction of what to do should they ingest one of these unknowingly.

So if you run a health clinic, for a group of sufferers of a specific problem, you should certainly think about having some wristbands printed that can be given or sold to your clients to help to keep them safe.

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