Promotional Latex Balloons

Printed balloons are a fantastic way to promote everything from a birthday to a charity event. These promotional 10 inch balloons are made from environmentally friendly latex and can be printed in up to five colours and in four different positions.

The balloons are created from a natural latex rubber and can be provided to you in a wide range of colours. The range of colours available allow you to be more flexible when providing artwork to be printed on the product.

If you are looking for foil balloons, pumps and balloon sticks we can also provide these for you. We also offer larger promotional balloons. All these will vary in price so please call our sales team for a chat about the options you’re looking for.

Promotional balloons are a fun and friendly way to promote your event. They look great and will display your artwork for all to see. Branded balloons are the perfect promotional product to buy in bulk, and if you don’t use them all at your event they can be easily stored to be used again.

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Pricing sheet & buy options

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1 £0.08 £0.10 £0.08 £0.10
250 £85.00 £102.00 £0.34 £0.41
500 £100.00 £120.00 £0.20 £0.24
1000 £110.00 £132.00 £0.11 £0.13
5000 £450.00 £540.00 £0.09 £0.11
10000 £800.00 £960.00 £0.08 £0.10

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