Charity Collection Box - Round

Our popular charity collection buckets are the perfect product for any organisation, charity or school looking to raise some funds through donations and charitable giving. These round charity collection boxes are perfect to put text to a till for customers to put their small change in to support a worthy support.

They are also designed to be held for long periods of time when raising money at charity events and on the streets.

Your print can be wrap around printed to the branded charity box or it can have full colour printed labels applied to it. Both are suitable options for these promotional products, but you can ask our sales team which would work best with your artwork.

The round hand-held charity containers are supplied with a cord, a pair of security and for extra protection they can some with a security chain. This chain will be a small addition to the quoted price.

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Pricing sheet & buy options

Quantity Total price
excl. VAT
Total price
incl. VAT
Unit price
excl. VAT
Unit price
incl. VAT
1 £1.79 £2.15 £1.79 £2.15
25 £157.50 £189.00 £6.30 £7.56
50 £240.50 £288.60 £4.81 £5.77
100 £299.00 £358.80 £2.99 £3.59
250 £660.00 £792.00 £2.64 £3.17
500 £1,140.00 £1,368.00 £2.28 £2.74
1000 £1,960.00 £2,352.00 £1.96 £2.35
2500 £4,475.00 £5,370.00 £1.79 £2.15

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