Charity Collection Box - Flat pack

These promotional flat pack charity boxes are the ideal product to collection donations, score raffle entries or store feedback slips. The versatile box comes flat packed so, although it means it will take time to put together, your print will cover the whole box.

The full print means this collection box can be truly unique to your cause. The low price of these promotional products allows them to be the perfect product to buy in bulk. The flat pack means they are easy to store if you don’t use all your stock in one go.

Strategic placement of these promotional boxes will maximise profits, so take the time to work out where you believe will raise the most money for your cause.

We also offer a larger version of this box for an additional charge. You can chat to our sales team about which option will suit your provided artwork better.

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Pricing sheet & buy options

Quantity Total price
excl. VAT
Total price
incl. VAT
Unit price
excl. VAT
Unit price
incl. VAT
1 £0.36 £0.43 £0.36 £0.43
50 £221.00 £265.20 £4.42 £5.30
100 £310.00 £372.00 £3.10 £3.72
250 £412.50 £495.00 £1.65 £1.98
500 £520.00 £624.00 £1.04 £1.25
1000 £590.00 £708.00 £0.59 £0.71
2500 £1,050.00 £1,260.00 £0.42 £0.50
5000 £1,800.00 £2,160.00 £0.36 £0.43

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