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Can You Help Grant a Child’s Wish? Read about Wishes4Kids

TopWristbands.co.uk are sponsors of an incredible children’s Leicester-based charity called Wishes4Kids, where children with life limiting disorders are asked to submit three wishes, and the Charity seeks to make one of them come true.

The charity organiser told us: “There is nothing more amazing than a child’s face when their wish is being granted. To see the excitement, overtake the suffering of a child is to see the real objective of a wish being achieved.”

Leicester-based charity Wishes4KidsThe children in and around the city who are helped by the charity Wishes4Kids, quite often ask for something that may seem very ordinary to us, but it may represent something that they have always wanted to do.

What are the Wishes?

It’s not all about meeting a Celebrity Football Player – although if you do have any good contacts to achieve that, they would certainly be pleased to hear from you. Mostly it is very simple things like: having an iPhone, going for a ride in a tractor, or Maserati, getting a free ticket to see a show in London, a ticket to Fashion Week to see the catwalk fashions, or a day trip to London with overnight stay in a London Hotel.

Two of the most popular wishes that are very easy to achieve are, getting an iPad or iPhone. This is important when they become confined to bed, and have no other way of keeping in touch with their friends, who are still out there living normal lives.

Can Your Company Help to Grant a Wish?

If your company or organisation could help by paying for an iPad, iPhone or Show Ticket, or a signed copy of a book, or ride in a special vehicle, that Wishes4Kids would be really pleased to hear from you.

Why not ask you staff to raise the money to buy one iPad, and then match it by buying another one from company funds? That’s a great way to motivate everyone and will certainly give benefits to your relationships with your employees.

You can have a picture taken with the child who receives the item or free ticket, and use this in your company newsletter to your clients. You never know, one of them may like to offer one of their services to the charity as well.

The Leicester-based charity Wishes4Kids has already granted hundreds of wishes for local children.

To qualify for a wish a child must be: Under 18 years old, Resident in Leicestershire, and be Life limited, terminally ill, have experienced life-changing physical or emotional traumas, have suffered major abuse or have been diagnosed as HIV Positive.

To apply for a wish

If someone you know meets these criteria and would benefit from having a wish granted, please contact the Charity Office: Telephone: 0116 2543491 Facsimile: 0116 2543492, Email: info@wishes4kids.co.uk

Unfortunately, they cannot grant wishes for swimming with dolphins, family holidays, room/garden makeover’s, wheelchairs, beds, trips to Disneyland Florida or any other long haul destination.

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