The Essential Guide to Freshers Week


Make the most of Freshers Week

Make the most of Freshers Week

This is it, Freshers Week has arrived..!
A new chapter in your life is about to begin..!
The time when you’ll make life-long friendships and perhaps, meet your future partner..!


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves you’ve still got to survive Freshers Week. Here’s our guide to making the most of Freshers Week. Arguably, potentially, the scariest, most exhilarating, extremely daunting but hopefully, pleasurable week of your life..!

It’s Good to Talk ~ Make a point of getting to know as many fellow students as you can. Making the widest possible network of friends will not only provide the greatest opportunity of support when you need it but, will also, give you the best chance to meet the friends that will become life-long acquaintances.

It’s a Marathon NOT a Sprint ~ Pace yourself, both in terms of money and partying. Freshers Week can be the most expensive & exhausting week of University life. Make sure you don’t blow all of your funds or a gasket in the first week!

An App for That ~ Embrace the digital age and let your fingers do the talking and remembering. Use the opportunity of various App’s to store those nuggets of information such as, your new address, local taxi firm & access to reserve money for lost late nights.

Go with the Flow ~ Time to grow, time to expand your horizons, time not to be so fussy..! Take the opportunity to experience new bands, food outlets and experiences so when your new circle of friends & room-mates invite you out, go with it. See what life has to offer to the full, you never know you might like what you find.

We’ve All Done It ~ Waking up the next day unwell from the night before is bad enough but add a little guilt or embarrassment and it makes it much worse. Don’t reflect on that night, there’s always tomorrow. Get over it & get on with it..!

Be There or Be OUT ~ It has to be said but you don’t really want to hear it, above all remember you’re there to learn and qualify. Don’t miss registration; don’t miss Freshers Fair or the School Induction. Work hard, play hard..!

Hell’s Kitchen ~ Surviving on take-away food and Pot Noodles will last for only so long. Eventually you’ll need to pull out the skills gleaned from having to watch the endless cooking program’s with your parents. It’s time to start to cook for yourself. Remember, feed the mind with quality foods and your mind will help you produce the quality work..!

Time Out ~ It’s ok to stay in once in a while. Some of the best nights can be had hanging out with your new friends getting to know each other better and putting the world to right. The parties won’t end with Freshers Week.

Day of Rest ~ Like every good athlete, rest and recuperation is part of a skilled party animal’s routine. Take Sunday’s to recharge the batteries & stodge up with a traditional roast. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to do it all again..!

Above all please stay safe, be happy and like…

…Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it!”

Enjoy Freshers Week.


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