Ten Tips for Promoting your St Patrick’s Day Event


If your Club, Pub or Restaurant is having a St Patrick’s Day Event on 17th March, here are ten things that will help you to promote it successfully. Knowing something about why he is celebrated and what he did, will help you to choose the best way of marketing your event, the best promotional products to choose, and the best competitions you can run to give away your prizes on the day.

1. St Patrick is the National Apostle of Ireland as well as the Patron Saint. So have plenty of Irish food and drink available. The obvious is their National drink of Guinness, but they do have a rather good Irish Whiskey called Jameson’s, and Baileys Irish cream, or Irish Coffee should give you a good selection.
2. Irish Food: There are lots you can do in any pub or restaurant, from Irish bangers and mash, Irish Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, to just adding Guinness, Jameson’s or Baileys to whatever is already on your menu, to create a special for the evening. Guinness gravy and Baileys on Apple Pie will be winners.
3. St Patrick wrote two books, one was called Confessio, the other was called Epistola, so any promotional notebooks and pens will certainly match his famous books.
4. St Patrick was born in Britain in around 385 AD, with Roman parents who lived in either Scotland or Wales. He lived with them until the age of 14, when he was captured and taken to Ireland, being put to work for six years herding sheep. So might be best to keep away from lamb on the menu!
5. After he escaped and got back to England, he decided to return to Ireland as a Missionary in his Thirties, and he worked among the Irish Celtic Pagans.
6. The Shamrock symbol is always used because St Patrick used the three leafs to explain to the Pagans about the Holy Trinity.
7. There is a custom known as “drowning the shamrock”, where any shamrock that has been worn on a lapel or hat, – but it must be a real one – is put into the last drink of the evening, passing its good omens into your body before you go home. So perhaps some shamrock sweeties or chocolates might be good for the end of the evening.
8. St Patrick is reputed to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland, but since Ireland had been separated from the mainland since the Ice Age, there very probably never were any snakes in Ireland.
9. They do say that St. Patrick died at Glastonbury, in England and was buried there. The Chapel of St. Patrick is still a part of Glastonbury Abbey.
10. Here is a famous toast for any St Patrick’s Day event: “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.”

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