Silicone Wristbands needed for GSCE Exams..

This week saw a new announcement in the Education sector, that that next year our teenagers will have compulsory new subjects included in their GSCE Examinations  for Spanish, French and German that will ask them to talk about music festivals and charity events…

gcse exams

GCSE exams

Teenagers will be taught modern day language in their School language lessons, and these subjects will then be included in the GCSE Exams. Conversations about the Charity Fun Run they competed in at the weekend, their choice of tattoos, and the latest bands they saw playing at music festivals.

That means that wristbands are an essential item at all your forthcoming Charity events and local festivals. This will make sure that all the year ten’s doing their Exams next year will have the right information to include YOU in their coursework and exam conversations.

Make sure you have the name of your event on them, as well as the name of your Charity, and don’t forget to add your web address so they can pick up some background information during their revision to plan out what they will be saying about your Charity and your event.


glastonbudget stage

wristbands for bands

This will drive more people to your website and they may even learn something that will stay with them in years to come.

These new proposals for the new European language GCSEs in French, German and Spanish will remove all the dull and useless phrases like “ma trousse” (pencil case), “le tank top” and “my school day” and give young people something much more relevant and interesting to talk about.

So to make sure that YOUR Charity gets onto their exam agenda, get plenty of Wristbands and be sure to give them to every 14 and 15 year old at your events.

As we say here at  it’s just a bit of

Savoir-faire” (To know what to do)!


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