Promotional Wristbands – One Size Fits All!

Top Tips – Promotional Wristbands

One size fits all – that’s a wonderful thing for any manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer to hear!

That’s what makes promotional wristbands a fail-safe product to have for on-going and one-off promotions and events.

Promotional wristbands simply tick all the boxes

  • They are low cost yet high value in terms of appeal and longevity
  • They appeal to people regardless of age, gender, interest or event
  • They are lightweight so ideal promotional gifts to mail out and giveaway
  • They are almost indestructible (within reason!) they certainly don’t break if you drop them on the floor
  •  The silicone printed wristbands are flexible – literally and figuratively!
  • They are available in all colours of the rainbow (and more)
  • They offer many design options to best suit your campaign
  • They are fashionable and fantastic fundraising products
  • They can be worn in all weathers, indoors and outside
  • Supporters wear their personalised wristbands with pride

It’s that simple! One size really does fit all and printed wristbands work – they really do help spread the message and build awareness of your brand, campaign, charity and event. Buy them for a few pence and sell them for a pound or more.

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