Printed wristbands – Bath Fringe 2016

Royal Cresent Bath - Printed WristbandsBath Fringe 2016 City Event Guide is always finding new ways to help different event organisers and if your Town or City is preparing for an Arts Festival, then there are plenty of ways that our printed wristbands can remove some of the headaches. Here is a great example:

Bath Fringe 2016

Have you been to the annual Bath Fringe Festival? It is an ambitious event lasting a staggering seventeen days of buzzing activity with many Art forms being represented. It is held in all kinds of different settings within Bath, some of them are the regular Theatres and Halls, and some of them are a little more unexpected, in small cafes and bistros dotted around the town.

Bath Fringe has a massive contingent of performers from many different countries around the world, to take part in more than 200 events. The highlight of this event which fills the calendar for May and June, is the venue at the home of Bath Rugby, called the Spiegeltent. Here you will find a programme of live music, cabaret and comedy shows that fills up ten days and evenings of entertainment.

The event will take place between Friday May 27 to Sunday June 12.

Policing the entry of visitors, artists, stage crew, lighting teams, caterers and promotional merchandise stalls will be hugely time and labour intensive, and we think that a set of branded wristbands in different colours for each different category of users, will be invaluable.

Printed Wristbands create order

Everyone will immediately know who everyone else is, and will be able to direct them immediately to the correct entrance door, the best car park, and the correct stage doors. The best thing is, that everyone else will automatically know who everyone else is before they speak to them, making finding a caterer or a member of the stage crew, so much quicker and easier.

When you have acts coming off stage, with the next one needing to set up and the one after just arriving and bringing speakers and drum kits; you need to be as organised as possible, to prevent any traffic jams in the backstage areas or loading bays.

Exciting Events at This Years’ Bath Fringe

You can expect to see all the usual types of performance as well as some other exciting acts ranging from theatre, spoken word performances, circus artists, visual art events, exhibitions, comedy, film screenings, kids workshops and live music of every type of genre you can think of.

Click here to find out more about this year’s Bath Fringe Festival.

Is Your Town or City organising a Fringe Event?

If you have a big event coming up in your town, or your village, why not have a chat with us about how some beautifully designed printed wristbands can make the organisation much easier? Don’t forget that they also give every visitor and trader a lasting memory of the event with a take home souvenir already printed with your website address, phone number and email address for people to book their trade stall or tickets all ready for next year…

Check out our website for all your wristband needs.

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