Charity Of The Month: After Breast Cancer Jersey

For June our Charity of the Month is After Breast Cancer, a Jersey based support group helping to raise awareness of breast cancer in the local area.

support groupFounded in 1999 by a group of women who are themselves survivors of breast cancer, they provide support and advice to those who are suffering at any stage of the disease. By offering friendship and sharing their experiences they can really make a difference and give hope and a helping hand to patients. Studies have proven that positive support is highly beneficial to women who are dealing with cancer. Having people to share your concerns with and ask advice from can be extremely reassuring and comforting during difficult times.

The UK has the 11th highest rate of Breast Cancer in the World, higher than some other European Countries. The good news is that the survival rate for women between 2005 -2009 rose to 85.1% as treatments have become more successful thanks to the research that has been undertaken.  42% of all cases in the UK are in fact preventable with regular checks. Age plays a part as well and it is now thought that women over the age of 40 are more at risk of developing the disease. Breast Cancer treatment comes in many forms including, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy and surgery. If caught early enough the treatments should be enough to cure the disease but no matter what stage a patient is at, After Breast Cancer will offer the support and guidance each individual needs.

After Breast CancerIt is a positive step that so many women are now voluntarily going for check-ups and becoming more aware of something that, with prudence and early detection, can be cured and hopefully as research continues, survival rates will further increase.

After Breast Cancer organises fund raising activities in order to raise the profile of the charity and awareness of its presence locally. They hold monthly meetings and operate a newsletter keeping you up to date with the latest events.

As well as this the charity can also offer financial aid by providing wigs, cleaning services and even flights to ladies who are undergoing treatment.

“To increase awareness of our charity we ordered several products. Our top seller has been our lovely pink wristbands. We have sold so many that within a couple of months we had to re-order. The service provided has been outstanding as is the quality of this product.”
Cheryl – Chairperson, After Breast Cancer Jersey

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with this fantastic charity and encourage you to visit their website or Like their Facebook page!

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