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charity fundraisingCharity fundraising – appealing to your generous supporters

When it comes to charity fundraising, competition is tough – everyone wants to raise a little bit more, rally extra troops and generate the much-needed income and support.

Cake sales and sponsored events are all well and good but require a lot of time and effort in terms of organisation (and baking- we aren’t all Great British Bake Off contenders!) and asking for and collecting sponsorship money.

Over recent years charities, schools and businesses have realised the brilliant potential of buying and selling promotional merchandise to raise funds and awareness.

British businesses are generous souls and many choose a charity as their chosen cause to raise funds for throughout the year. This is where our range of promotional products can really come into play.

You have your company name and logo alongside a message such as ‘Proudly supporting x, y or z in 2016’ and the benefit is two-fold – You raise your own corporate image in the eyes of your customers – and at the same time, the charity or cause is also building its profile. You can encourage staff and customers, new and existing, suppliers and associated industries to back your charitable giving. It’s great PR and a good way to increase your newsworthy appeal in the local and national press and media. Share the message across social media channels too. It’s a win, win for you and the charity.

Here we take a look at some of the top selling promotional products which could just be the answer to your next charity fundraising campaign
Remember, we offer 100 per cent support throughout the buying process. From choosing the right tool for the job, through to creating the best designs to maximise the visual impact. Our Leicester based team are on hand to help you get the best products and we won’t be beaten on price. There is a range of delivery options so don’t worry, if you are in a hurry, chose our express delivery for super-quick shipping. We take the pain out of the fundraising merchandise management leaving you to concentrate on what really matters.


It’s hard to remember a world without wristbands now! And the choice is amazing. We have three types of silicone bands – ½ inch, 1 inch or figured. Pick from solid colour, segmented or camouflage. How about glow in the dark? They can be flat printed, debossed or embossed. We provide free 3D visuals so you will see exactly what your wristband will be like before you order. Prices start as low as 11p inc VAT – so if you sold each for £1 that’s a fantastic profit. And it’s not just about the money in, it works as a constant reminder for your charity. Your supporters will wear their promotional wristband with pride.

Charity Ribbons

A popular value item is the charity ribbon. They are available in a wide variety of colours and are a quick and easy way to commemorate an event or cause. Supporters can wear their ribbon with pride. For some older customers, a ribbon may be a preferable option to a wristband – it has a more traditional feel to it. Reach more of your target market by combining a mix of wristbands and ribbons in your next campaign.

Furry bugs

They are funny little things, stuck on a desk, reception, car dashboard – but they really do help spread your message and boost your charity fundraising efforts!
They have great appeal and are popular items to sell at fundraising events. Visitors can take them home and your message lives on further afield. Choose from different, fun characters including a bee, dog, parrot and placard logobug.


Whether it is a corporate event or family fun day it’s about raising awareness and money for your charity. A cost effective tool to give away on the day is the branded sticker. They are tried and tested and highly effective business builders. Simply add your name, logo, phone number or website – job done! Your customers and supporters will love them!

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