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Team JakTeamwork, family and friendship working together for Team Jak

Hope is at the heart of everything Team Jak stands for. We catch up with Allison Barr, Jak’s mother as she tells us about the charity’s first year.

“The charity was set up at the request of my son before he died of a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Jak was fit and healthy before he fell ill and after a gruelling five month battle he went to heaven on February 2, 2015. He wanted to make a difference for other children, young people and their families as although the medical staff were fantastic, there was little emotional support for siblings, families and friends.

“Our aim is to support young cancer patients and their families and friends through Jak’s Den and bring the wider community together.”

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We worked with the charity throughout the buying process, from choosing the right products to creating the best visuals and design to ensure the promotional items raised awareness in the charity and proceeds from the sale of the branded goods would help make Jak’s dream become a reality.

Here, Allison explains how Team Jak has raised funds and awareness with its branded kit.

Q. What branded merchandise you have bought?
Allison: “Wristbands, pens, pencils, trolley coins sports bags, sports bottles, rubbers, sharpeners, tote bags, flasks and mugs.”

Q. Why did you choose those particular items for Team Jak?
Allison: “We thought these are the most common things people would buy – the thermal flasks and sports bags go to the hospital for the kids and families.”

Q. How much you have invested in buying merchandise and how much revenue has it has generated?
Allison: “We have invested about £3,500. To be honest it’s probably more of a marketing raising awareness thing for us.”

Q. How have your sold the products?
Allison: Online – we have an online shop on our website Also at events and in some workplaces.”

Q. What has been the response to the Team Jak products you sell?
Allison: “People love them and often come back for more pens, wristbands etc.”

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Allison explains Jak’s vision for Jak’s Den: “Jak laid out a clear request to build a den where kids and their families could come to get away from the hospital environment and relax and chill. He also wanted to open a neutropenic cafe for cancer patients so they could eat out in a sterile environment without fear of infection from the public.

“Within the den there will be quiet rooms, counselling space. Also, a music sensory garden, outdoor areas, large games hall for sports and musical theatre classes and games room and soft play amongst many other things.

“Jak’s Den Mark 1 opened in December, 2015 and has an activity zone, kids zone, media zone and counselling room along with a lot of signposting, information and material from other charities.

“We have a music therapist and have started drop-in sessions for the families with sibling support groups planned after the summer.”

We need £3.3million to build the big Jak’s Den so our fundraising is very important to us

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