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branded wristbands - food festival

Food Lovers Festivals Top Tips

If you are organising a food festival in your town, TopWristbands can give you a few really good tips. Using branded wristbands as part of your ticket entry system can really boost your revenue… Here’s a great example:

The Malton Food Lovers Festival boasts an enviable line up of some of the county’s top chefs, offering live cookery demonstrations and private classes to gastronomes. Something that visitors will not want to miss, and will likely need to book a place for long before the event.

Malton is located on the edge of the North York Moors, in some of England’s most beautiful countryside, and is a perfect setting for trying out some of Yorkshire’s best foods. Home to the Malton Monthly Food Market, Malton Cookery School, annual Food Lovers Festival and some of Yorkshire’s best restaurants and food shops, Malton is really making a name for itself as a town built around its famous local produce.

The Food Lovers Festival, taking place on May 28 and 29, is a fantastic celebration of the very best Yorkshire produce and cooking, with over 160 food stalls, famous patrons and delicious Yorkshire street food.

The fringe style events from this are many and various, including: live demos from famous top chef s, live interviews, cookery lessons, a massive festival bar and restaurant, an evening gala dinner, plenty of family entertainment, cookery talks, food tasting sessions and lots more.

Here is a useful link to get all the details for this great event: Find out more about the Malton Food Lovers Festival and plan your visit.

How can branded wristbands Help Your Event?

If you are a trader, stall holder or chef, why not consider some branded wristbands that can be given out with every purchase, every book and every souvenir? Just imagine when each visitor goes home and eats the jar of pickles, or jam, and then recycles the jar or packet. There will be nothing left to tell them where to buy another one. Either online, or by finding you at your next event.

A branded wristband is very low cost, light to carry, easy to store, and can contain all the information necessary for visitors to be able to find you in three months’ time, when they would quite like to buy another product from you.

Making sure that your website address is embossed onto the wristband is vital for getting more orders, long after the show has finished and the samples eaten. You can add your unique logo, telephone number and email address too, so that you can be contacted in lots of different ways to suit each visitor’s preferences.

It really will make a huge difference to sales in between the shows, by giving out a small, low cost promotional wristband, and if you’ve never tried it, give us a call and speak to one of our in-house graphic designers who can give you all the information about how it works, and design one to suit your food business exactly.

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